ESFL Институт и наш Учёный Совет самостоятельно изучает проблему самовыражения и лёгкости речи. Тем не менее, мы надеемся, что Вы сможете обогатить свои знания с помощью этих книг:

A Dictionary of Sexual Slang by Alan Richter (New York: Wiley, 1993);

A Glossary of Sexual Terms by Robert Pelligrini (Chicago: Novel, 1965);

American Encyclopedia of Sex by Adolph F. Niemoeller (New York Panurge, 1935);

An ABZ of Love by Inge & Sten Hegeler (New York Alexicon Corp., 1967);

An Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Dirty Words: English Words and Phrases Reflecting Sexist Attitudes Toward Women in Patriarchal Society by Ruth Todasco (Chicago: Loop Center YWCA, 1973);

And Adam Knew Eve: A Dictionary of Sex in the Bible by Ronald L. Ecker (Palatka, Fla.: Hodge and Braddock, 1995);

Dangerous English by Elizabeth Claire (Dundee: Delta Systems, Co, 1990);

Gay (S)language by H. Max (Austin: Banned, 1988);

Historical Dictionary of American Slang by J.E. Lighter (New York Random House, 1994);

Literary Foreplay: A Lexicographer’s Guide to Sex by J.E Schmidt (Washington-Eastern Market, 1983);

Making Sense of English in Sex by Lee McOwan (Edinburgh: Cambers Harrap, 1993);

Playboy’s Book of Forbidden Words by Robert A. Wilson (Chicago: Playboy, 1972);

Prostitutes and Criminal Argot by David Maurer in Language of the Underworld (Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 1981; originally published in American Journal of Sociology, January 1939);

Self-Love by David Cold Gordon (New York Verity House, 1968);

Sexual Slang by Leonard R.N. Ashley in Maledicta, Vol.9 (1986-87);

SexWork: Writings by Women in the Sex Industry by Frederique Delacoste and Priscilla Alexander (San Francisco: Cleis, 1987);

Slang and Its Analogues J.S. Farmer and W.E. Henley, 1896;

Smut: American Sex Slang by Jim Norris (Los Olivos, Calif.: Olive, 1992);

Some Thoughts on the Science of Onanism by Mark Twain (privately printed «for the trade» in 1879; reprinted 1964);

The Erotic Tongue: A Sexual Lexicon by Lawrence Paros (New York: Henry Holt, 1984);

The Language of Sex from A to Z by Robert Goldenson and Kenneth Anderson (New York: World Almanac, 1986);

The Queen’s Vernacular: A Gay Lexicon by Bruce Rodgers (San Francisco: Straight Arrow, 1972);

The Slang of Sin by Tom Dalzell (Springfield: Merriam - Webster, 1998);

The Slanguage of Sex: A Dictionary of Modern Sexual Terms by Bridgid McConville and John Shearlaw (London: Macdonald, 1984).

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